How does Over-Graph recommend you the best times to post?

If you are a reader of our Social Media Report, you’ll notice we advice you about the “best time of the week” to post on Facebook. Teddy, our Data Scientist explain you where does this useful intel come from?

The engagement generated by your fans on your content is bonded to several factors. The Community Manager is able to feel what makes grow or reduce this engagement : the content, its type, its wording or even the day and hour of its publication.

However, there is still mystery around engagement. “Where does it come from? How improve it? How forecast it?” are questions without clear answer, for most of us.

Teddy is working for several months on the possibility to forecast this engagement, according to a certain number of standards. Thank to him, Over-Graph offers you features born from his work to help you to communicate and increase engagement on your content.

We let the scientist explain us the process:

“Our work allows you to get an estimation of the engagement provoked by your publication. It’s taking in consideration of all your Facebook Pages linked to your Over-Graph account. A score is calculated with smart algorithms, based on your past performances but also on ten thousands of other pages. Those algorithm take on board:

- The number of fan in your community,

- The hour and day of the publication,

- The content type,

- Your previous engagement scores,

- Previous engagement scores on the other pages.

Caution, all of this is estimation and do not take in consideration the content of your publication. You do not have to only post at the best post to spark off engagement. Nevertheless, a post will score better performance if it is published when your community is ready to.

You can find “your” best time to post on Facebook in our Social Media Report. In the near future, the Over-Graph Publisher Tool will offer you a visualization of your weekly engagement score, which allows you to choose, as you want, the best moment to post on Facebook.

But do not forget the most important : This is your content which makes the difference!