Find who’s hiding behind Over-Graph!

Adam did not wait a second to bite the apple of the informatics knowledge. He exchanged his vine leaf to a dandy style and it is without surprise that, in Over-Graph, Adam is Dev.

What could we say… Benjamin is as important for Over-Graph as Batman is for Gotham City: the guy who fighting crime around him. His Robin? No need!

Camille leaves in Twitter since 2007 (yes, IN Twitter, it’s possible). True expert of communication, in 140 characters, but also with a lot more, he evangelizes the useful of Over-Graph to community managers all over the world!

Damien is the man who’s testing and mastering Over-Graph, to introduce it to our users. Polyglot, he’s the contact for our users when they need help or asking questions!

Kevin is born, leaves and will die in pixel (as late as possible). Born after the Nintendo Gameboy, he belongs to this generation excited by useful and minimal interfaces, as efficient as complex to create them.

Maïté, hyperactive Social Media anchorwoman, will host the Over-Graph news, 24/7. She’s everywhere! Do not hesitate to contact her!

According to Nicolas, there is two basic but important rules : little coffee = few code AND a good coffee = a good code! The quantity AND the quality! That’s our Nicolas! No kidding!

He whished he could be the Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince, but, with time, Pierre became Over-Graph’s. Tales say that, at night, he comes back too his asteroid to detach himself from our over-connected world…

Fed with napierian logarithm since his childhood, Teddy is the man who read between articulations and columns. The Champollion of the Big Data, his Rosetta Stone will help you to decrypt, with Over-Graph, tomorrow’s social media issues.

Obese and hairy, like Francis Ford Coppola, Xavier is the Hollywood executive producer of Over-Graph.

Professor Over-Graph, or Pr.OG, is the Analtics’guardian. Symbol of the #DataTeam_OG, he appears when there is data in the air. His hobby? Tell you if it is the best time to tweet for you, on Twitter.

More people, from 909c, are working with us, each in his speciality : Alexandra, Baptiste, Blaise, Cédric, Christophe, Jonathan, and Mickael.


Article published by Xavier BK in teamOG

the 23 April 2014