Like Benjamin Button, our rejuvenation follows its course with the usual debug session and the release of new Tour Guides.

For several weeks, we are dedicated to ease the handle of Over-Graph and its comprehension. This desire of guiding you in your Over-Graph’s experience results of new tutorial videos and the re-working of HomeBoard Tour Guides (discovering of the Selection Bar and the Explorer).

This approach continues today with the release of two new Tour Guides which accompany you in the discovering of Publish and Respond tools.

The floating panels are in the right side of your screen

The Publish tool’s guide tour had evolved. It is now more brief to ease the handle of the tool.

The new Respond Tool’s guide tour was not put into place…Until Today!

Your feedbacks, about the handle of Over-Graph, comfort us in this dynamic of guiding and motivate us to follow this lead.

Your feedbacks nourish our improvement brainstorms, like the ones about the Top Fans, often claimed as “preferred feature”, is now fully functional!


Discover/Try these novelties and improvements in Over-Graph.

Article published by Maïté in newsOG

the 30 June 2014