Use Over-Graph at your own pace

Over-Graph is open access, free of charge and without commitment.

  1. How does the solution evolve? How will its users be informed?

    The solution is updated once a month. We communicate the updates to our users through regular communication channels (Facebook, Twitter, blog, newsletter), such as lists of fixed bugs and new evolutions that we propose. The main evolutions will be explained thoroughly. During heavy updates the site may be unavailable for a few minutes. Don't hesitate to follow us to stay up to date!

  2. Why are some features still in beta?

    APIs offered by Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., which are our foundation, are extremely powerful but also demand painstaking efforts in order to retrieve accurate and useful data. It might be hard to get those data as rapidly as you need them. By necessity, we do internal experimentation, before launching the results of our research and development in a beta version.

  3. With which devices is Over-Graph compatible?

    Due to the scope of our features, and also because our solution is quite recent, our development team has focused on the web interface at We optimize our solution for last version of Chrome and Firefox, with a 1280px resolution. Currently, we do not offer mobile and tablet compatibility, but please stay assured that we are aware of the importance that these devices have for you, and we are working on it.

  4. Is there a paid version of Over-Graph?

    Not yet. Before proposing a paid version of Over-Graph that we find fair, we wanted to develop a solution to respond to the different needs and expectations that you, the users, make us aware of every day. For now, Over-Graph is 100% free of charge.