Emojis, emoticons, smileys – no matter what you call them, the important thing is that now you can use them to interact with your communities!

  • Did you say “emoji”?

Did you know that the first smiley or emoji dates back to 1953, and that it appeared in the New York Herald Tribune? From that day on, emojis have never stopped changing in number, size, and color… and they are omnipresent, particularly on social networks. Just look at the interest in this tweet that announces the arrival of emojis on the web version of Twitter.


There are even entire social networks solely dedicated to emojis, like Emojili or Emojicate, social apps where you communicate not with words, but with emojis. Another example is Line, which has more than 560 million users, and which surfs on the sticker trend wave, with the same concept.

So it is with great enthusiasm that #Team_OG informs you that emojis are coming to Over-Graph!

The #Team_OG’s will, by giving you access to emojis in Over-Graph is also to enable our users to communicate in a language easily understood internationally.

Note: If you use the Chrome browser, you will not be able to see the emojis, whether on Over-Graph or elsewhere on the web. To see them, you will need to download an add-on: Chromoji or Emoji Input.

Once you have it, you will be able to view emojis, and to use them yourself!

  • Where can you find these emojis?

In the Reply tool

You can enhance your conversations with your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram communities with emojis!

Just start a conversation and reply to your friend. But don’t use emojis just because they are in style, or just because we’re offering them. Use them because they are in harmony with your communities and their methods of communication.

Some brands have successfully adapted the emoji for their use, like Wendy’s with its Twitter account, where the Community Manager has no qualms about replying to his community with smileys!


In the Analysis Tool

With this addition, emojis are displayed in your Top Posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can easily see whether the emoji you are inserting in your posts are popular in your communities.

MTV’s Instagram account has joined in, and freely decorates its posts with one or more emojis, and sometimes put nothing but an emoji as its text!


If you can use emojis to communicate for your brand, you can now use Over-Graph to reply to the conversations you have with your community, and measure the impact of your emojis.

Article published by Maïté in newsOG

the 10 November 2014