Along with the useful evolutions it brings to its Over-Graph solution, #team_OG also experiments in the communication, creativity, technical, and data arenas. Some of these experiments are now available to anyone who is interested!

In #Team_OG, our work rhythm is guided by our desire to make the Solution we offer, which you use every day, continue to progress.

We voluntarily and regularly interrupt this fast-paced rhythm, which leads us to offer you updates at least once a month, to take a step back and enter into a different creative and innovative cycle, experimenting around #Team_OG’s different work-related issues: web technology, information, communication, project methodology, data, etc.

After a few iterations of these cycles, we have decided to give our present and future users a parallel platform allowing them to test / discover / react to / share these experimental projects. And so was born.

Some examples of what you will find there:

  • The Social Constellation, which allows you to bring together / link Facebook Pages based on the common fans who interact on each of them, with the goal of better understanding communities;
  • A new service which allows you to ask @Pr_OG directly on Twitter if now is a good time to tweet or not (available only to Over-Graph users who have added their Twitter account(s);
  • The first version of a Chrome add-on, which allows you to repost a link, a visual, a tweet, or a Facebook post to your Over-Graph selections with just one click, without needing to go through;
  • A Map presenting the spread of Over-Graph users by country.

A little more information about all of the projects:

  • These projects are just waiting for your feedback. A hashtag for each project is available, allowing you to make yourself heard on Twitter. Don’t hesitate to contact the Team!
  • Technical support is not systematically available on each of the projects.
  • Don’t worry; even if we are experimenting, all our projects are secure.

If they are useful and you like them, these projects may one day become an integral part of the solution available on Until then, we are happy to hear your feedback through the dedicated hashtags on Twitter!

Discover our projects now on!

Article published by Camille in newsOG,teamOG

the 7 November 2014