With 70 million users in the world and numerous social interactions every day, Pinterest is a social network on the move… The latest statistics about users’ activities and brands’ heavy mobilization prove it.

Pinterest is among the social networks that count in the world; it has even become the leader in sharing visuals, images, and photos; that is why #team_OG is taking a closer look. We have already spoken to you about Pinterest several times on the blog, with an interview with Stéphanie Tramicheck, the General Director of Pinterest in France, an analysis of the activity of 5 brands who are actively engaging the network, and a detailed presentation of the new features of its new Analytics tool.

Today, we offer you an infographic about Pinterest. It is divided into three sections: one about its users, a second about activity, and a final one about brands. It highlights a certain number of statistics which may be useful for your communication strategy.


  • The Pinterest infographic

Discover and pin this infographic created by 909c, Over-Graph, and the Pinterest expert, Christian Radmilovitch. Don’t forget to follow Over-Graph on Pinterest for having a lot of informations about Social Media.


Article published by Camille in SocialMedia

the 12 November 2014