What are your publications that generate the most engagement? Find out in our Top Content! 

The work on the Report tool gave us the chance to transform a tool that was previously in beta into a complete tool. The changes that were made are from various orders: graphical, functional, and data recovery.

Top Content is one of the classifications affected by these developments. However, its purpose does not change. It aims to identify the content and therefore the publications that have had the greatest impact to your communities.

This performance is measured using several variables, such as the engagement rate or even the number of interactions with a publication (See The power of interactions in measuring engagement).


This classification will allow you to measure your publications, and adapt your strategy for content or dissemination.

Top content is available for all social networks managed in Over-Graph: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn (except YouTube). For each network, you will find a specific table providing you with the content from the selected date range as well as its performance. We also offer a table grouping all networks together. This allows you to compare the publications from different networks, in terms of engagement.

In this ranking, you’ll find various data ranging from engagement rate to format, as well as the day, the publication date, and even the number of hashtags used.

List of data provided in Top Content:

  • Position in the ranking
  • Content
  • Profile type and name (Instagram account or Facebook page for example)
  • Date, day, and time of publication
  • Publication format (image, link, etc.)
  • Number of hashtags used
  • Text length (in number of characters)
  • Engagement (relative to the size of the community and/or the scope according to the social networks)
  • Number of interactions and their distribution based on the type of interactionsstrong (shares, retweets, Instagram mentions), medium (comments, replies to a tweet), and weak (likes and favorites).

A little feature for Facebook and LinkedIn: we offer you both the engagement rate in relation to subscribers, and also the engagement rate in relation to reach.


It is possible to adapt how tables are displayed based on the variables you want to use to sort the content (engagement rate, publication format, date, number of hashtags used, etc.). By default, the tables are sorted by number of interactions.

Combined with our forecast engagement feature, this Top will contribute to improving your performance on social networks.


Article published by Damien in newsOG

the 29 September 2015