TeamOG is investigating the use of the Pinterest social network by brands and is seeking the views of community managers via a series of questions which we’ll be asking you throughout the week.

Before we ask you our questions, we’d like to start with a quick presentation of Pinterest, which is now an essential social network focusing on a visual experience.

The network, which was launched in 2010 by Ben Silbermann, is regularly upgraded and is currently launching new features to please its users. The latter can share the things that interest them in the form of visual content, i.e. photos, images, and video. Now, they can also chat with each other using instant messaging and access detailed statistics. We’ll be talking about that soon on the blog.

  • Our questions about Pinterest for you, the community managers:

We would like to know more about the way you use Pinterest for your brand so that we can always provide a better response to your needs. We really want to know what your expectations are with regard to it and which features you use. So, here are our questions for community managers who use Pinterest. We’ll be asking one question each day on Twitter and we’ve listed them for you below:

- Do you have just one or several Pinterest accounts for your brand? If yes, how many Pins do you post per week, on average?

- What performance indicators for your brand do you monitor on Pinterest?

- Do you use hashtags for your brand on Pinterest? If yes, how many on average?

- How many new profiles do you follow per week on Pinterest? According to which criteria?

- Do you use third party tools to manage your brand’s activity on Pinterest? Which?

You can tweet your answers to our questions including our Twitter account: @Over_Graph, or leave a comment below. Thank you for helping us to improve our solution!

Article published by Camille in SocialMedia

the 9 September 2014