Which mobile applications are indispensable for managing your presence on social networks, monitoring, and sharing content while you are traveling?

Having shown you our selection of tools to help you better manage the daily contests on social networks, today we are looking at mobile applications that can help the Community Manager in their work.

The job has several tasks that can be done while traveling: monitoring, creating alerts, archiving, planning and publishing content, and also automation of some functions used for social networking and professional tasks.


  • The tasks of a Community Manager who is traveling

Monitoring and creating alerts: a Community Manager has to carry out several types of monitoring, for information and for the competition. They need to collect strategic information to anticipate change and innovation in their environment. In addition to this monitoring there is close surveillance of what is said about the brand on the networks - receiving alerts about use of the brand’s name whilst traveling may be critical.

Archiving content: priority management is essential for Community Managers. Having a tool that lets you save to read later, interesting content on a brand linked theme, a product, or even a competitor, discovered while traveling, could be very useful.

Planning and publishing content: publishing on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., or planning publication, are tasks you can do while traveling. Important news is announced on a social network and it needs to be published quickly. Or, the information needs to go out at a precise time during the day, but the Community Manager will not be in their office at that time.

Task automation: Automating routine tasks can gain time. Be careful, however, to do it intelligently so that the automation doesn’t annoy your community…Here, we are talking about sharing information from one network on another, or sending a thank you message in response to specific actions by users, or content back-up… Of course, these examples are not an exhaustive list of tasks that can be automated.


  • Our selection of 5(+1) mobile applications for Community Managers


Scoop.it for monitoring and sharing: a web content curation and publishing service for a given subject or theme. First, the Community Manager selects their monitoring sources according to a topic, which is defined using key words. Then they choose which web pages to share, the pages come in on an automatic feed, according to the defined research criteria. Finally, they edit and share a selection of pages in their paper that can be looked at by anybody at any time.

Mention for creating alerts: this is a tool for monitoring the web - news sites, forums, blogs, and of course, social networks. You can create alerts and keep informed of any mention of a brand, a product, or even a competitor in real time. With Mention you can monitor millions of sources in more than 42 languages. So, a Community Manager can react in a few seconds to any mentions, article shares, retweets, comments…It is also possible to have access to intelligent statistical tools.

Pocket for content archiving: an easy-to-use tool for saving articles, web pages, or videos, so you can read them later. The Community Manager centralizes all their content and can access it at any time on any device. They don’t need an internet connection, Pocket is accessible anywhere, even off-line, so it’s the ideal solution for working in the subway, the bus, the plane, or on the couch.

Buffer for planning messages: this is an application that lets the Community Manager plan and publish different types of messages,(texts, links, videos, pictures,) on the main social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn. The time-slots that can be defined in advance are very useful. Community Managers can also get statistical analysis of social network content and work in a group on one or more social network account(s).

IFTTT for task automation: this service allows you, for example, to automatically publish on Facebook something that has appeared on Google+, to send a thank you tweet to new Twitter followers, or to send an SMS when a mail containing a specific keyword is received in Gmail.

Bonus. The do it yourself button: a new application from IFTTT which lets you create personalized buttons to save time and “control the world around you” as IFTTT say. To be tested!

And what about you Community Managers, when you are traveling which mobile applications do you use?

Article published by Xavier BK in SocialMedia

the 13 March 2015