Release taste

Our releases taste great!

Hot or fresh, eat-in or take-out, our releases wake up Over-Graph for your pleasure (gustatory) !

Since the beginning of the year, the #TeamOG communicates on every Over-Graph’s release to inform you of the evolutions of our solution. And to pump us up, nothing better than a good beverage! Arabica, Benco, Cacolac, everything to wake up taste bud and do good job!

So, we’ve decided to name our releases after beverage names for two reasons:

1/ to ease the fulfilment of our process and help us to guide us in our work in progress,
2/ to put a smile on your face for each release!

You’re wondering then, why beverage name and not others?

The idea came from Nicolas, coffee lover, who, willing to merge work and passion, offer to name our releases this way. Inspire by Android versions’ names: Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Beans, Gingerbread…

Do not hesitate to propose us beverage names for our next release, in the comment section! The next one starts by a “E”.

Caution, two rules for respect :
1/ propose only beverage name (brand or drink)
2/ do not propose alcoholic beverage.

You do know now the secret behind our releases’ names !


Maïté Cesarotto