For the release, we offer you a new version of our “Respond” tool, and a make over for our “Publish” tool. Add to these, the traditional dose of corrections, and you get a delicious diabolo concocted by the #TeamOG.

Thanks to the new version of our “Respond”, you can find all your conversations (mentions, comments…) and private messages, gather in one space. Interact with your communities and answer from this unique tool.


Regarding the “Publish” tool, it evolves and wins in efficiency thanks to a graphic make over.
The functionalities, them, stay the same.


Nous en avons profité pour corriger quelques incompréhensions que vous aviez remontées ces dernières semaines pour vous livrer cet outil “Publier” pleinement opérationnel.

We took opportunity of this release to correct/improve the “Publish” tool based on remarks you made us, those last past weeks.

Enjoy a Diabolo !

Article published by Maïté in newsOG

the 10 June 2014