Over-Graph is a solution designed to manage social network profiles. We can now offer easy-access modules that are fully accessible from the homepage to make your tasks easier and give you a global view of what’s going on in your communities at any given time.

How will it help you with your Community Management tasks?

The first (yellow) module that we offer makes it easier to publish content by suggesting the optimal time, depending on the type of content and the social network profiles that you specify.

When you select a particular time, the SPREAD tool will open and all you have to do is enter your content. Everything else is ready to go and controlled by Over-Graph. If you’re interested, the algorithm that calculates the “optimal time to publish” is the same algorithm used in our Chrome extension (http://blog.over-graph.com/how-the-over-graph-extension-offers-the-best-moment-to-re-share-your-technological-content/).


The following (green) modules allow you to monitor discussions with users across all the social network profiles that you have selected. They quickly let you know if you have new public and/or private messages. If you have any discussions that have not yet been actioned, you can click on them to be taken to our RESPOND tool to moderate the discussions.


We’re absolutely positive that you will save even more time thanks to these new features!


Article published by Damien in newsOG

the 6 August 2015