Our extension offers a new service that can be used in a single click allowing the selection of a perfect moment of publication. Here is an explanation regarding this new feature!

An explanation via the OG Professor:

“The Best Time to Re-spread, illustrated in our Chrome extension by a “magic wand” pictogram, offers a quick way to schedule your publications at specific calculated times over the next 7 days. We offer 8 of these for you in chronological order.

These moments are calculated using several parameters:
the times that you normally post,
the average rate of your publications,
the publications that you have already scheduled via Over-Graph on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter (to avoid overlapping your publications),
the prediction of commitment calculated by Over-Graph (to optimize the number of social interactions generated by your publications).

Just like the prediction of commitment available in the publishing of the Over-Graph web version, at the present time the extension proposal here only takes into account your Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Personal accounts such as LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as the LinkedIn Company Pages are not taken into account. But they will be soon!

The 8 proposed moments are spaced so as to respond to the different situations that you will encounter:

the first, very close together, will allow you to quickly publish fresh information. By staying further away, the prediction of commitment will take on more weight in choosing the time schedule, which should help your visibility.”


Taking advantage of our new extension could not be simpler:
Download the extension from the Chrome Store
Create an Over-Graph account (if you do not already have one)
Log in (if you have not already logged in)
Click on the buttons on the Over-Graph extension when you want to Respread interesting content!


Happy Resharing!

Article published by Maïté in newsOG

the 19 February 2015