Twitter has announced the introduction of new features designed primarily to help new users become familiar with the service, though also intended to improve engagement.

We talked about it last night on Twitter, new features has been announced yesterday during Twitter’s first ever “Analyst Day”. Relayed on its official blog, this announce is on five features due to be introduced on the network over the coming weeks or months:

1. Access content without the need to follow profiles: Twitter is launching an “Instant Timeline” feature that will enable new users to see tweets from the moment they sign up.

2. Access tweets in the form of a latest updates feature – essentially a stream of the most interesting messages: this summary type overview will be based on a selection of the messages sent by the accounts followed and on the user’s click habits.


3. Upload and edit your own videos and share them in real time without the need to use Vine: the introduction of video, a form of media Twitter currently lacks, will enable the service to become fully UGC based.

4. Access to a variety of applications: technological developments mean these are going to become more accessible and widely used. Twitter has not yet unveiled the details of how this will work in practice.

5. Share tweets via Direct Messages and discuss them in private: a new button will be added enabling messages to be shared in private mode.


And further to this last point, Twitter is planning to increase the rate at which it introduces changes and is likely to be adding more tools to its private messaging service. “I strongly believe private messaging virality is important to our long term growth,” said Dick Costolo, Twitter’s Chief Executive.

With these latest changes, Twitter is becoming a form of global media, even more focussed on the immediate, the topical, on what’s happening now, and significantly more qualitative in nature. As Twitter describes it: “Every time you open the Twitter app, you’ll see something great.” What do you think about these announcements? Do you believe in power of private conversations ? Do you need more tools about its ?

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Article published by Camille in SocialMedia

the 13 November 2014

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