Thanks to the performances of our users, the Professor OG has drawn up the typical profile of the activity of a Community Manager. Can you see yourself?

What do Community Managers do?

Community Managers have different activities, whether they are in a company, in an agency or freelance.

If it’s easy to know about the activity on a page, the activity of a human being at a keyboard is more complicated, and depends on the Facebook pages or Twitter accounts that he or she has to manage. So the #Team_OG wondered what the typical activity of a CMGR might be.

We turned to Professor OG. This is what he told us:

“Using our user database we took over 8000 users into account, basing ourselves on their community. We assumed that a user must have at least one Facebook page/place with over 100 fans or a Twitter account with over 50 followers to be considered as a real communicator. So we were able to draw up the average profile of a CMGR with the help of almost 3500 Twitter accounts and 7300 Facebook pages. What’s more, this study was carried out in two phases: first we worked on a smaller sample (about half) three months ago and then on the present sample, and the results proved to be almost identical.”

NB: We noticed an increase in the publication of Facebook links over the three months. Could it be in reaction to the network’s last modification in the algorithm, which favors this kind of post?

Once the calculations were made, we only needed to give the findings visual form. And who better than a Community Manager to represent them? So, Charlotte, CMGR of the 909c agency, whom you may have seen in our presentation videos, agreed to take care of the computer graphics.

This study is devoted to activity on Facebook and Twitter, but we hope to be able to do the same soon with other social networks.

Article published by Maïté in Prof_OG,SocialMedia,usersOG

the 24 September 2014