How can brands make the most of Twitter to create more traffic and ensure their presence during this critically important sales period?

Three recent Twitter surveys, one on the behaviour of French users and two on the behaviour of American users (How & When – Who & What), address a subject that you are perhaps already thinking about: sales during the holidays and more specifically during the Christmas season. It’s a magical moment for both buyers and brands, as they can benefit from the effervescence of the moment by using Twitter!

The surveys cover the various buyers habits on Twitter and contain valuable advice on how a brand should communicate on Twitter, to ensure interaction, commitment and ultimately, sales!

Here are the hints that we have highlighted for you:

Listen to users’ purchasing intentions

If you thought that twittos didn’t mention Christmas or future purchases on Twitter, you were very wrong. In 2012, the number of conversations around the word “Christmas” increased by 220% and has continued to grow by 60% in 2013.

Conversations about Christmas increase every year

To benefit from this flux of opportunities, brand Twitter accounts should listen carefully and monitor the conversations in which the community manager gives gift ideas to people who are lacking inspiration.

Don’t hesitate to spend lots of time following the most popular # during this festive time of year: #Christmas #Christmas2014 #Gifts #giftideas #Xmas.

Give present ideas and talk about new trends

Talking about people who are uninspired, did you know that 1 user out of 3 is going to tweet to receive advice on their purchases? Just the right time to present your offers and key products!

You think this user won’t be interested in your advice, as a brand name? Don’t be fooled, nearly 40% of Twitter users await exactly this kind of content from a brand! More specifically, 44% for offers and 36% for gift ideas.

Participate in conversations about your brand and products

Creating conversation is one of Twitter’s aims for a brand, if a user mentions you, don’t forget to respond! On top of feeling that the brand is listening to them, this user has a 62% chance of sharing this experience with their loved ones.

It it relates to a purchase/gift, take advantage of this by asking if the products purchased meet their expectations. This will strengthen the link between the user and brand and at the same time, assure the customer service and after sales roles.

Share users’ tweets about your products

Has one of your fans found the ideal gift for one of their loved ones? Let all your followers know! By mentioning @username and using the right #, this tweet can become a source of inspiration, that can reach a large number of Twitter users!

On top of thanking the user for their tweet, you are also making them an ambassador!

Use the online/offline system

For 43% of a product or brand purchased, these took place as a result of having asked for information on Twitter.

Twitter accompanies the purchasers during all the shopping process

From the infography above, you can see thaht Twitter accompanies the buyer throughout the buying process and can influence the act of purchasing at any moment:

- Discovering/1st Stimulus: 1 purchaser on 2 take a look to timelines to have ideas
- Searching/Information: 2 purchasers on 5 followed one or more brands to get information
- Digging/Deal: 1 purchaser on 2 followed one or more brands to get promotions
- Purchasing: 43% of purchasers bought the brand/product after a search on Twitter
- Advocacy: 1 purchaser on 3 tweeted about their purchases.

So during this period, don’t hesitate in increasing your images/video tweets, by clearly mentioning the information about a product or offer. By also suggesting Twitter-to-Store offers, to allow your followers to take advantage of exclusive offers and thus strengthen the link that exists with your brand.

Article published by Maïté in SocialMedia

the 26 November 2014