The most advanced users of Over-Graph make up a club called MASTERS. Looking beyond the support program from which they’ll soon benefit (announcement coming soon…), let’s first take a look at who they are and how they use social media.

The first MASTERS of Over-Graph are here.
Discover their professional activity on social networks, and delve a little deeper into how they use Over-Graph.

  • Who are they? How many social network profiles do they manage?

They are mainly French (Over-Graph is a French company)

On average they oversee:
- Up to 10 Facebook pages
- 2.5 Twitter accounts
- 1 Instagram account
- 0.6 LinkedIn business pages
- 0.3 YouTube channels

(Please note: Pinterest, Google+ and all other social networks are not available on Over-Graph as we do not have access to the appropriate information.)

  • The publications that they produce:

The majority of their posts are pre-programmed and are not posted directly by them. They are therefore reliant on the performance of our service: a well-timed post is preferable and accomplished using our tools, which recommend the best times to post.
They mainly post links and images, test different formats of Twitter cards, while experimenting with the “PUBLISH” tool to publish Over-Graph content.
To be more specific, every week they post:
- Facebook: 10 photos, 10 links, 1 text-based status update
- Twitter: 2 normal text-based tweets, 15 photo tweets, 15 summary cards, 2 photo card tweets and 1 large image card tweet.
- LinkedIn: 2 updates
- Instagram profiles: 6 photos

(NB: Activity linked to comments from communities via the REPLY tool has not been analysed)

  • Reports of Social Media Activity:

On average they receive 4 (mainly) weekly activity reports. The open rate is around 60%.

  • The frequency of their use of Over-Graph:

They connect to our main platform ( several times a week, and several times a day to our Chrome extension in order to republish content they’ve found on the web. They work mainly during the day and are rarely connected during the weekend.

  • How much they use Over-Graph:

They use around 80,000 OG Credits a month, which is 10 times what a ROOKIE uses (10,000 Credits) and 3 times as many as our MANAGERS (25,000 Credits).
In contrast, however, a MASTER pays a subscription of 50€ with tax (pre-tax price is 40€), without any engagements. This allows us to continue maintenance of the platform while also continuing to improve the service we offer.

  • Their leitmotivs (opinions):

They seek to establish high-quality, personalised communication channels with values of proximity and exchange. They also look to get the best results from publishing content using our engagement prediction function, which allows them to choose the most opportune time to post content. In the same way, they benefit from the variety of different methods of posting content that we offer in order to publish different types of content, and they test the performance of these tools.

All statistics aside, we would like to thank them for their confidence in us and hope to continue satisfying them as newer upgrades and versions of our service are brought out. We are also soon going to offer them exclusive information before anyone else gets it, as well as a mentor system which we are currently working on!

Would you like to become a MASTER? Connect directly on Over-Graph’s website, or if you require any further information or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us => support @

Article published by Camille in usersOG

the 28 July 2015