After Facebook, Over-Graph offers you the Forecast Engagement of your tweets, to tell you the optimum moment to publish on Twitter!

With our release Frappuccino, we have given you the Facebook Forecast Engagement, that gives you a prevision, calculated for a type of publication on your Facebook pages, directly in the Over-Graph publishing tool.

This functionality already exists for your tweets!

This score is calculated with the help of intelligent algorithms, that take into account your performances, as well as those of millions of Twitter accounts.

To find out more about our forecasts, please read our dedicated article “How does Over-Graph recommend you the best time to post?”

Visit Over-Graph, to benefit from this functionality today, and boost your loyalty and content visibility on Twitter!


Check out this guide to have a preview of the Forecast Engagement:

Bonus: With our new functionality, multi-API programming, you can program your tweets and Facebook publications, at the optimum times, independently, on one single screen!


Article published by Maïté in newsOG,Prof_OG

the 1 October 2014