Frappuccino, for a very cool release!

This Frappuccino release, we wanted it to be rich and smooth, and we hope you will find it at your liking!

Instagram enriches our range of social networks. You can now connect all your accounts and answer to comments on your photo & video directly from our Respond tool !

 Instagram is here!

About our Analyze tool’s indicators, you will be able to follow your followers’s activity and identify who are the most engaged (Top Followers). We offer you also access to a ranking of your most efficient publications (sorted by generated engagement). Easy, now, to identify the most popular filters for your followers!

Note that Instagram does not officialy allow the publication or scheduling of video from a third party application (like Over-Graph). But, we stay alert and will integrate it as soon as it is available!

Forecast Engagement

In this well-seasoned Frappuccino, you will find also a feature that will help you to identify the best moments to post or schedule on Facebook: the “Engagement Forecast”.

We predict an engagement score according to your Facebook Pages and publications’types (Text only, Picture, Links,…) you’ve chosen.

More the score will be high, more your post will generate engagement. These predictions are spread on seven days.

For a better understanding of the value of this feature, try it!


An incoming article will explain you more about the Engagement Forecast and its score.

Filters System

Like the whipped cream on a Frappuccino, the finalization of our Respond Tool concluded this release. We created a filters system that allows you to sort your messages. This way, your moderation will be easier, showing you only the message you want to answer to or delete.


We also fixed several bugs linked to the Respond tool’s BETA version you told us about.

Discover now these novelties, directly in Over-Graph!


Maïté Cesarotto