Which members of your community are the most involved and engaged? Find out in our Top Audiences!


As we have mentioned in previous articles, working on the Report tool was an occasion for us to transform a beta tool into a complete one. Modifications have been brought about in different forms: graphical, functional, and data recovery.

Top Content and Top Audiences are rankings that have been affected by these changes. However, their objectives haven’t changed: the first aims to identify the content that has the most impact and the second enables you to better know your community.

Ideal for identifying the most involved fans and followers, Top Audiences will allow you to set up competitions aiming to reward them or even to deploy ambassador or influencer programs on social networks.



List of data rendered by Top Audiences:

  • Position in the ranking
  • Profile picture
  • Username
  • Your concerned Social Profiles
  • Last activity by the user on the page or account
  • Interactions carried out on the profile by the user and their distribution by type of interaction: strong (shares, retweets, shares via Instagram mentions), medium (comments, replies to a tweet) and weak (likes and favorites).

Your Audiences on social media are, by default, sorted by the total number of interactions. In this way, the most involved fans and followers appear at the top of the table and are identifiable at a glance.

For Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, you will find supplementary information on these users, like the number of followers or connections they have. In the same way, for Facebook and Twitter, the user’s language is specified.



With the new Report tool, evaluate your progress on social networks, monitor your activity and that of your communities!


Article published by Damien in newsOG

the 7 October 2015