Facebook encourages you to post relevant link content

Facebook just announced modifications, which will take effect in the next months, on the spread of content that will be more or less favour in the News Feed.

In one of its latest news, Facebook declares the chase to spammy and click-baiting posts open!

To do so, Facebook’s algorithm will take in count, not the caption, but the time your fans spent on the link your offered them.

More they stay on your link, or in other words out of Facebook following the click, more the post gain value for the social network, giving it a larger diffusion (and to your next publications).

If in opposite, your fans come back quickly to Facebook after clicking on your link, it will be penalized by a shorter diffusion. Same treatment for your next posts.

More, notice that Facebook takes always in count the engagement on your posts. So, if a big amount of people clicks on your links without interact with it (like, comment, share), it will be considered non-relevant and depreciate.

To improve your engagement, you can always count on our forecast engagement tool to your Facebook posts, that giving you the best time to post your content, according to its type.




Other element gave in this news deals with the type of post you use when you want to share a link.

According to their analysis, link posts, understand the share of a link with the format proposed by Facebook, generated more clicks than others (image or status)




Fans would be more tempted to click on a Link post because it offers an illustration and first lines of the article are available. Giving them a preview of where the link will bring them.




If, somehow, the first lines or the illustration offered do not matched properly to the article, you can modify them with the Publisher tool of Over-Graph and create the “link post” of your dreams and your communities’.

So, to not see your diffusion limited, your posts with a link :

Share links interesting to your communities, that will make them spend time out of Facebook, and that they want to click on with the Link post that you have built to generated engagement.