Facebook, Twitter & Google + are historical and indispensable for brands, but nowadays, some social networks stand out from others and seem to have a real potential.

After introduced you 3 social networks unavoidable in 2014, Pinterest, Vine & Snapchat, today, we take a closer look to 3 others networks, lesser-known but you need to follow in 2014 : Line, Pheed & Jelly!


Social Network created 2 years ago in Japan, it is used by more than 300 millions people over the world. Line is not a newcomer but an European branch just opened its doors, and a France one should arrived coming 2014. Line allows to send texts, photos, videos and vocal messages, fast and for free. The main difference between this network and Whatsapp is e-shop possibilities, games or “stickers”, which serve to personalized your texts. It is a “all-in-one” network, inspired by Facebook and Twitter, with a “Home”, or a “Timeline” and other applications.

As Line is free, many of its options are not. Brands can be present through official accounts , apart in the app. They have, for example, the possibility to sell new products or to create sponsored stickers to incite users to follow them.


A Line account to follow : L’Oréal, which organizes exclusive flash sales on Line. For the record, Maybelline, one of L’Oréal’s brands, has been launched is secret in Thailand with Line.


Millions have subscribed to Pheed, essentially young people, 15 to 24, but also artists, photographs, directors and musicians. Halfway between Facebook and Twitter, it allows you to share music, videos and photos. Messages can go to 420 characters with a “copyright” option to protect them. So far, no new, others networks allow those features.

The novelty with Pheed : Offer public or paid contents, with a monthly subscription or for each buy, according to user choice or brand’s. You can have a premium account, charged for others users in exchange of a content with high added value. The Pheed strength ? Create exclusivity!


An Pheed account to follow : Quiksilver. The brand uses Pheed to appeal its community and make it react with wonderful photos of sportmen/women with their products. Here is a very good example.


Created by Biz Stone, co-founder o f Twitter, Jelly is a social network where you can ask question, with a picture, to get answers from others users. The app is available on iOs and Android.

Jelly’s strength: interact with communities, be allowed to ask questions directly to your users, to be in contact with them.  On this network, brands are looking for qualified audience to touch, get their feedbacks on products, and data on potential customers. Note that a playful aspect is very present on Jelly, based on humour and fun. Like so, brands organize a lot of contests and quiz to entertain their communities!


A Jelly account to follow :  General Electrics. The brand asks question on interesting topics, close to its activity, to interact with its audience. For example, take a look to this sciences thread which has generated dozens of answers.

Do you know others brands that are and those social networks?
Did you hear about others social networks which can be interesting to brands?

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Article published by Maïté in SocialMedia

the 5 August 2014