An extension that enables you to take advantage of the power of Over-Graph and to easily Reshare/Respread/Republish content on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

As part of the most important tasks, the finding and curating of content, both in terms of research and Resharing, takes the most time. And to make the task of Resharing easier for you, the #Team_OG is offering its Chrome extension!


→ Respread your findings on your favorite networks with a single click

On a website, when viewing a photo on the Internet or a publication on a social network, you only need to click once to create a publication and to Reshare the content on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn communities!
→ Edit your messages to boost the impact of your publications

Once you have selected the content, you can edit the text of your publication according to the social network and community that you want to reach.

Bid “goodbye” to the clumsy way that texts are truncated!
→ Reshare photos

When on Instagram, Pinterest or on the web in general, reshare an image with one click and turn it into a published photo on Facebook and Twitter!


→ Republish articles

Found an article that you think is relevant and want to share with your communities? Click on our extension’s icon and simultaneously share it on as many Twitter accounts and Facebook and LinkedIn profiles that you want!

Bonus: Select a piece of text that you find interesting in an article and click the extension’s icon to automatically include it as a quotation in the message that accompanies your publication’s link!
→ Reshare publications from social networks

Thanks to the sharing button directly located on the social networks that you navigate, you can easily Respread a publication. Valid on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.



Taking advantage of our new extension could not be simpler:
Download the extension from the Chrome Store
Create an Over-Graph account (if you do not already have one)
Log in (if you have not already logged in)
Click on the buttons on the Over-Graph extension when you want to Respread interesting content!


Happy Resharing!

Article published by Maïté in newsOG

the 11 February 2015