The Professor OG team has now completed its mission computing predictions for the involvement of your photos on your Instagram accounts. Here’s how you can discover your personalized calculations!

As with Facebook and Twitter, we are now able to calculate what is the best time for you to post on each of your Instagram accounts connected to Over-Graph. This project follows some work we have done on Instagram media, including engagement depending on the time of publication.

  • Quick reminder of our vision on “The Best Timing for Publishing”

Most of the allegations of the best times to post on social networks that you have ever seen are ultimately unusable. We have previously explained why here.

Here at Over-Graph, we have worked hard to give you access to a recommendation of YOUR best time to publish, according to:
- the social network where you want to post your content,
- type of publication you are going to post (photo, link, etc.)
- your account history / social profile,
- the behavior of thousands of weekly publications studied worldwide.

This calculation is based on social engagement, i.e. interactions (e.g. on Instagram, likes and comments), and doesn’t take into account the logic of impressions, or better yet, of clicks.

  • What have we discovered about Instagram?

Of the thousands of accounts that we studied and on which we calculated the best time of the week to post, about 50% gave us a reliable and usable result. Many accounts will get a Best Time to Gram on weekends and mornings.

Here is their distribution over one week, every fifteen minutes.

  • How do you find out what the best time of the week is for you to post on Instagram ?

We are now able to give you the best time of the week to post your photos for each of the Instagram accounts you have logged in to on! (Note: this calculation is not available for movies at the moment).

For now, we suggest you discover your Best Time to Gram directly via your cell phone on Instagram, by sending a private message from your Instagram account, the one for which you would like to know this information.

Our account, as a reminder, is @over_graph, and feel free to follow us as a thank you.

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In the coming weeks, you will receive our predictions of the best time for you to post a photo on your Instagram account directly in the Social Media Activity Report e-mail that we send you every week.

Article published by Camille in newsOG

the 28 April 2015

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