Thanks to Over-Graph you can gain precious time! Here are 10 tips to help you do more in less time!

Find out abut 10 Over-Graph tips which simplify the management of your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin)!
1/ Work on all your similar profiles and then save your selection to organize your work and gain time managing your different social networks.

In this “ALL OVER-GRAPH” selection there is Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. So you can moderate conversations on these 5 accounts in the blink of an eye.
2/ Have you had enough of filling in your target options every time you publish on Facebook? With Over-Graph register your languages or countries once and for all. Give them names so you can find them easily in your parameters.


3/ Use engagement forecasting to program your publications for the times which are best for engagement.

Based on a calculation which takes into account your previous publications, the time they were sent, the type of post you used and the frequency of posting. Available for Twitter and Facebook.


4/ Thanks to our Publication Calendar you can see all your publications, past, present, and future, in the same view. This will really help you to oversee your content campaigns.

You can change your planned publishing times with a simple drag and drop function.

5/ Thanks to the badges on Over-Graph’s home page you know what’s happening in your selected communities and your interactions.


6/ Is your Facebook community active in the morning and the Twitter one in the evening? No problem! Create your post and your tweet at the same time and program them for different times!


7/ An email warns you about new comments on Instagram. You log-on to your account and reply. A new comment on another account you are in charge of? Disconnect-Reconnect! Another comment comes in! etc… With Over-Graph all this to-ing and fro-ing on your Instagram accounts is done with!

8/ What if you want to reward or contact your communities’ most active members? No more trawling through your publications or notification threads to know who is interacting the most with your content.

One click on “Top Followers” in Over-Graph’s ANALYZE tool will give you the answer.

9/ If you get dozens of comments or responses it’s not easy to sort them out. Using our search filter (by keyword, content type, network…) you can find the comments you want to reply to.


10/ You are on-line and you spot content, an article or a photo, that is something you would usually share with your communities (personal or professional). With one click on our Chrome extension you can publish it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, directly from the web page where you found it.

>>> To benefit from these tips all you have to do now is to connect to Over-Graph! <<<

Article published by Xavier BK in newsOG,usersOG

the 4 March 2015