1 billion

1 Billion fans managed in Over-Graph!

With only few months of existence, Over-Graph has already recorded extraordinary figures, convincing us about Over-Graph users’use and interest in our solution!
Let’s take a look…

- 25,000 Facebook Pages connected,

- 10,000 news posts each day,


And then, as a symbolic event, Over-Graph manages already 1 billion Facebook Fans!

As you can imagine, those insights are really important !
2 reasons why:

1/ This is a challenge for the plateform, to test its sturdiness, et to validates or not conception and/or technologic choices made those last months.

2/ We can analyze this content, allowing us to determine recommendations on your Social Media everyday tasks and projections of your future results. Those advices will help you, for sure! In a total transparency! The transformation from #BigData to #SmartData is a lively interest subject, that will ease for you.

Roll on for more!

Maïté Cesarotto