The Horchata & Iced Tea release!

Like a special bumper issue, now that the holidays are over, we’re putting out two new releases for the price of one! Check out what’s new!

This double release has a taste of summer and sunshine to help you get over the end of the holidays. During August and September the #TeamOG has not been idle, and we’re ready to offer you a brand new feature, new visual and practical content, as well as bug fixes for an improved Over-Graph experience.

Twitter Engagement Forecast

Your feedback about our provisional engagement feature for Facebook, which was added to Over-Graph in July, has been very positive and encouraging.

The big news is that it is now available for Twitter too!

You’ll be able to identify the best moments for Tweeter directly from Over-Graph.

The provisional score that we are offering is calculated from the performances of your previous tweets as well as those made via more than 5,000 Twitter accounts added to Over-Graph.

As for Facebook pages, this provisional engagement score on Twitter varies according to the type of tweet you choose and its content (photo, link or text).

Try it out and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.


Publish on the social networks at different times

Do you want to publish at different times a same photo on Facebook and Twitter? Now it’s possible thanks to social network scheduling.

Your communities aren’t all necessarily connected to Facebook or Twitter at the same time. So it’s vital to be able to send out content at the right moment to each network.

This is the aim of the social network scheduling feature.

Now you can choose between publishing content on social networks simultaneously or scheduling a time for publications to each social network.

And finally, you’ll find the usual dose of bug fixes (based on your feedback) as well as some visual changes on the selection bar.


Article published by Damien in Non classé

the 16 September 2014