#Team_OG wanted this release to address the problems that you, our users, encountered during your Over-Graph experience. Thank you for your feedback!

On the homepage

At the time of signup

Up until now, it was impossible for you to accept access permissions for your Facebook Page once they were refused.

From now on, all you need to do is refresh your Explorer on your Facebook Page to accept them.

Badges on the homepage

The display time of the badges has been reduced to allow you to see the development of the accounts included in your Selection Bar at a glance, and a loader is now present at each modification of your selection.


The Respond tool

The filtering system for your private messages

Our message-sorting tool applies the same filters for your public and private messages without even giving you the opportunity to modify them for the latter. To solve this problem, we have decided to show you all of your private messages over 30 days without taking into account the filters applied for public messages. A filtering system for your private messages is being developed and will be available soon.


The overview of your conversations in context

This overview was sometimes placed above of our filtering system, preventing you from using it properly.


The Publish tool

Adaptation of the pre-editing module depending on context

Sometimes it happens that our module stays frozen on one type of publication or social network despite your clicking between the two fields of text. This problem is now resolved and you can benefit from pre-editing your work without worrying.


Patch validation

This patch, which lets you know if all of the time and date fields of your programming are filled in correctly, sometimes appears outside of its designated space, preventing you from modifying the time of your publication if necessary. It won’t do that anymore!


Synchronization of status and notifications

When you publish or schedule a publication, status and notifications appear confirming whether or not your operations are running smoothly. We have noticed some inconsistencies, which have been corrected to assure you of the status of your publications.


Clearer notifications 

When you publish or schedule your publications, the text of your confirmation notification was sometimes cropped, requiring an extra click to display it completely. From now on, the problem is fixed.



Alerts are in their place

 Our alerts sometimes took the liberty of appearing outside of their proper place, but here they are tamed, once and for all.



Article published by Maïté in newsOG,usersOG

the 28 October 2014

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