TeamOG are looking into the use of the Ello social network. We are asking for the opinions of the Community Managers through a series of questions that we will also ask you on Twitter.

Before asking you our questions, let’s start with a quick overview of Ello, which is a social network that France discovered last week. Ello is a simplified social network created by an American named Paul Budnitz. Launched in late September, it is available on invitation only. The proposition of Ello is simple: it is ad-free, at least for the moment, and users’ habits and data are not tracked.

  • An ultra-minimalist profile

This consists of a profile photo, a cover, a short bio, a website URL, subscribers and subscriptions as well as the last messages posted. Tabs also give access to a few extra features.

  • The 5 features
  1. Friends: to create a list of friends and consult their messages. Ello advises users to limit their list of friends to 60 people, because the feed of messages takes up a lot of space.
  2. Noise: to search for a maximum amount of information. This list allows you to host more people. The flow is displayed in the form of a map.
  3. Discover: to discover new people to follow, and to search for users.
  4. Settings: to change username, name, bio or link. It is possible to choose to make a profile public or private.
  5. Invite: to invite 5 people by generating invitation codes.
  • Our questions for Community Managers about Ello:

We want to know more about the use of Ello, particularly about the presence of brands on the network. So here are a few questions for those Community Managers who use it. A question will be posted daily on Twitter and we have listed them for you below:

Note that the Ello team has announced that it is working on a system of fee-based options with the aim of improving user experience.

  1. Have you tested Ello and what is your personal opinion?
  2. Do you think that brands have their place on Ello? Would you recommend it to the brands that you work with?
  3. If you had to communicate on Ello tomorrow, what would be your strategy ?

You can tweet your answers, mentioning our account @Over_Graph, answer directly on Ello if you have an account or leave a comment below. And feel free to folllow us on the network : @over-graph. Thank you for helping us learn more about Ello!

Article published by Camille in SocialMedia

the 8 October 2014