In order to better advise you and to offer you the most efficient functionnalities, Over-Graph is paying attention to brands’ communication on LinkedIn. Discover our interactive analyzis on the results of Apple, Google, Facebook, as well as many others!

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How does it work?

We have retrieved the list of the 100 most attractive companies on LinkedIn (in terms of the number of requests in the LinkedIn search engine). We analyzed the 50 first ones for November 14; each one is symbolized with a bubble.

For each company, we retrieved:

- the number of employees,
- the number of followers,
- the number of Updates published,
- the number of ‘likes’ for each Update.

One click on each one of them and the statistics we have consolidated, appear.

What can we learn from this?

1/ In terms of interest per number of employees, Facebook and Google are clearly heads above the rest: more specifically, they interest a maximum amount of LinkedIn users, but places are hard to come by.

2/ The number of publications over a period of 30 days goes from 0 (for Facebook, Apple, Netflix and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) to 180 for Cisco! The average is around 24 news Updates.

3/ The amount of likes generated for the brands that published, have a report going from 1 to 80: 0,4 for Microsoft up to 34 likes for 10000 followers for Chanel!

4/ The Update of the Month in terms of absolute likes goes to the Walt Disney Company!

5/ The Update of the Month, in terms of likes relative to the number of followers goes to Ogilvy, with an incredible total of 77 likes per 1,000 subscribers!

>>> Click here to discover our interactive analyzer module <<<

Here is the list of Companies:
Google // Apple // Unilever // Microsoft // Facebook // Amazon // Procter & Gamble // GE // Nestlé SA // PepsiCo // Johnson & Johnson // Shell // McKinsey & Company // The Walt Disney Company // BP // Nike // Pfizer // The Coca-Cola Company // // Chevron // Novartis // L’Oréal // Twitter // The Boston Consulting Group // Ogilvy & Mather // Danone // Yahoo // Bayer // VMware // Uber // Tesla Motors // Deloitte // Bain & Company ExxonMobil // Total // Burberry // Adobe // JWT // Siemens // Accenture // Cisco // Chanel // Goldman Sachs // Netflix // LVMH // The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation // ConocoPhillips // WorleyParsons // Diageo // Schneider Electric

Article published by Xavier BK in Prof_OG,SocialMedia

the 10 December 2014