Over-Graph can now forecast with precision, the engagement that your tweet could generate at a specific moment in time. Today, this forecast is accessible directly on your Twitter, thanks to hashtags #ShouldITweetAPicNow or #ShouldITweetALinkNow by tweeting the Pr_OG !

For several months now, on Over-Graph , we have been offering you our forecast engagement that the publication on your Facebook page could generate, according to its type: photo, link, etc.

This forecast is also available now, for your Twitter accounts, in the Publications tool of our Solution.

Should you require more information on this functionality, please go to Slideshare here.

This functionality, which is extremely important within the logic of maximising content visibility that you wish to publish to your audiences, is now available directly on Twitter, for ultra-quick access. It is Professor OG who will answer your existential question in a fraction of a second: “Is it the best time to publish a photo or video on my Twitter account?”

User guide:

You would like to know if you should publish a link on Twitter?
Tweet at @Pr_OG the hashtag #ShouldITweetALinkNow !

You would like to know if you should publish a photo on Twitter?
Tweet at @Pr_OG the hashtag #ShouldITweetAPicNow !

The professor will recommend publication or not, according to the predictive results. He will specify the date and time during the week, that will allow you to generate maximum engagement on your account!

NB: this prediction is only available on Twitter for publishing a Link or Photo. Results will not be the same, from one format to the other.

NB2: this prediction, even if it takes into consideration, the results of millions of Twitter accounts, is only calculated for THE Twitter account with which you are submitting the question.

If you are not an Over-Graph user, or have not added Twitter accounts to your Over-Graph account, the Professor will unfortunately not be able to recommend anything!

In the same way, if the Professor does not yet have enough data on your account (approximately a few days), he will not be able to help you.

Article published by Xavier BK in newsOG,Prof_OG

the 16 October 2014